Ό˹ Bubba Wallaces Amanda ʵͤҡ


ѻ˹ 19 仡ҷ Bubba Wallace 觷


NASCARѺ繡ѧиҹͧѧêԧժԧ蹡 ú鸧ѹԵ㹷觢ѹзءٻó


1C;ûҡ͵ǢͧѹԵóҹ NASCAR ç觢ͧ㹡ѺͧǴҧҧѺѡ ء ûѡͧԩѹ صˡþ 1D;ʤŧó


õѴԹ㨢ͧ NASCAR19 բ١ѹѧҡūتǶ١ҸҶ١ẹҡ蹡ҧ繷ҧ


1C; Ѵ仢ͧԩѹ鹵͹繡áӨѴ,1D;ū͡Ѻѡ㹷ѹǧѹ1C; äִ֡Ѵҷêԧժԧ NASCARѧѹ֧á¸تѹԵùӾǡҤʹ仢ҡǡѺǡ1D; Ҵ


Wallace ѺʹѺʹعСѻçAmanda Carter Ό˹ͧ֡Һҡ


1C;Wow y19;ѺʹѺʹعҡ͹ ͹ Ό Ѻ NASCAR ҧҷ㹷ѻ!ѹҤ㨪Դ͡Ѻѡ¤׹㨪¼ѡѹ¹ŧԧ!ͤ׹СǴѹ!?ѹԴǩѹ 19 ¡ѧšѺŴ١觢ѹ 2018 Daytona 500,1D;¹


1C;I19;ʺ͵ŧҡ!!!!թѹʹѺʹعء֡ѧʴԴʵ˹ѡ㹢ǹǾǡ㹧ҹ¹颺ǹ #blacklivesmatter ¡ѹͧ㨨ҡȹзͧͧ!1D;

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